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Activate Your Power 2017 Conference (CD) Mirror Mirror On The Wall 2019 Conference (CD) My Words Have Power 2018 Conference (CD)

This 2-part CD series opens with Dr. House's message "Smiling Faces Tell Lies", a message about women who may be hurting or struggling on the inside yet smiling on the outside. The series continues with a panel discussion designed to empower women to cope with real-life issues and includes a Financial Empowerment session. The series closes out with a powerful word from special guest Dr. Joyce Haddon. While you listen, we pray in Jesus' name that you will "ACTIVATE YOUR POWER".

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

The 2019 Women’s Empowerment Conference, “Mirror Mirror On
The Wall”, focuses on looking inside yourself while building your self-esteem
with the Word of God. This year’s conference opened on Thursday morning with a
free Zumba class lead by Dr. Sheila Poole and continued with our anointed
hand-washing ceremony Thursday evening. Friday morning included a panel
discussion on mental health issues as it pertains to our self-esteem and a
closed-door private session for 1st Ladies only hosted by Dr. Mary
L. House.  Liv Dooley from Colorfully
Candid Paradigm along with Wendy Hodges-Kent from Safe Nest spoke to the young
ladies in a workshop focused on strengthening and building them up for the
Kindgom of God. Friday continued with an amazing anointed Hour of Power led by
Dr. Ane Mercer.  The conference wrapped
up with the powerful and dynamic Lady Veverly Austin, Lady Carmen West, and Lady Sheila Harris who speak
to your heart and destroy the walls of low self-esteem.

We pray these messages bless you and build up your
self-esteem to be who God has called you to be.

This 3-part CD series including "What's Coming Out Of Your Mouth?" by Dr. Mary L. House, Power Hour message by Dr. Ane Mercer and a thunderous Word by Dr. Jazz.

Don't Talk To Strangers 2016 Conference (CD)

This 4-part message series contains some powerful word and prayers by all 4 special guest speakers at the 2016 Women's Conference hosted by Dr. Mary L. House and Mary House Ministries..
The series begins with Pastor Paula White, followed by some financial empowerment teachings by Pastor Shun Strickland and Dr. Vikki Johnson and closes out with Pastor Sonya Mixon.
It is sure to be blessing to you!