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The Power Of Prayer Series (8 Message - USB) Nailed To The Cross (USB SERIES) The Hope Series (3 Part Series - USB)
Prayer was made to be answered. It is also a truth that prayer is learned. This series on prayer presents some practical yet effective approaches to prayer. If you are a veteran prayer warrior, or someone just trying to develop or enhance your prayer life these teachings will build your prayer life. You will learn things like how to have conversations with God, addressing the things that hinder prayer, and how to incorporate fasting with prayer for greater results. Take your prayer life to another dimension thru this powerful series.

Message 1: A Praying Spirit
Message 2: Conversations With God
Message 3: House Of Prayer
Message 4: Intercession
Message 5: Prayer and Fasting
Message 6: Prayer Blockers
Message 7: Praying The Word
Message 8: Strategic Prayer
Resurrection Sunday is the time of year that we often rehearse the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross. Often we are moved by this story but we donít always see how it parallels to our everyday lives. Not only were our sins nailed to the cross, but also the Traumas and Tragedies of our lives. God knows there can be no resurrection power until there is a death of Self Surrendering. "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Philippians 1:21) Everyone in life will face seasons when their hope is put to the test. Hope deferred, or delayed can make your heart weary. But when! Those two words change everything! They are a promise and a reminder to let you know that there is a time coming when your hopes will be fulfilled. That means there are next chapters for your life. When that desire is fulfilled, it will be like a tree that reproduces over and over in your life. Get your hope up! As long as the earth remains and there is seedtime and harvest, there is still harvest for you!