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UNPLUG: The Power of Living in the Present, Now! Mirror Mirror On The Wall 2019 Conference (CD) Mirror Mirror On The Wall 2019 Conference (DVD)
Are you frustrated with the same old cycles in your life? Are you stuck in antiquated systems without change? Are you ready to challenge your challenges? Clinton House has written a book entitled “Unplug: The Power Of Living In The Present, Now!”. This book will radically change your thought process and shift your whole mindset. It will help you learn to unplug from people, your past behaviors, habits and traditions that don’t advance your living experience. One of the most powerful points in this book reads: God is the God of restoration. He is able to restore time. He is able to give second chances for missed opportunities and “There is no area of your life that God can’t restore!”

You need to know that the days of being stuck in your pain are over, your days of living abundantly have come, God has sent you a powerful tool to assist you to move forward. It is time for you to know The Power of Living in the Present, Now!

This is the official 2019 Women's Conference CD "Mirror Mirror On The Wall".

This is the official 2019 Women's Conference DVD "Mirror Mirror On The Wall".

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

The 2019 Women’s Empowerment Conference, “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”, focuses on looking inside yourself while building your self-esteem with the Word of God. This year’s conference opened on Thursday morning with a free Zumba class lead by Dr. Sheila Poole and continued with our anointed hand-washing ceremony Thursday evening. Friday morning included a panel discussion on mental health issues as it pertains to our self-esteem and a closed-door private session for 1st Ladies only hosted by Dr. Mary L. House. Liv Dooley from Colorfully Candid Paradigm along with Wendy Hodges-Kent from Safe Nest spoke to the young ladies in a workshop focused on strengthening and building them up for the Kindgom of God. Friday continued with an amazing anointed Hour of Power led by Dr. Ane Mercer. The conference wrapped up with the powerful and dynamic Lady Veverly Austin, Lady Seila Harris, and Lady Carmen West who speak to your heart and destroy the walls of low self-esteem.

We pray these messages bless you and build up your self-esteem to be who God has called you to be.